Hanging Clawing Toy for Birds - The Pet Delights
Hanging Clawing Toy for Birds - The Pet Delights
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Hanging Clawing Toy for Birds

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Are you looking for a toy that will keep your bird entertained for hours on end? Then you've come to the right place! Introducing our Hanging Clawing Toy for Birds. With this hanging toy, your pet bird will enjoy hanging around and be entertained for hours on end! This toy is made of corn husk, which satisfies their chewing needs. It also comes with a ring that allows you to hang the toy in your bird's cage or on the outside of their cage.



  • The design of our Hanging Clawing Toy for Birds has a lot of functions, such as swing, chew bite toys, and so on. It is made of eco-friendly materials and has an exquisite and interesting design that your pet bird will not get tired of.
  • The construction and design are perfect to be used by many different types of small animals such as parrots, and love birds, and not just by pet birds but also hamsters, rabbits, squirrels, and so on.
  • This is a durable hanging toy that is easy to use and will last a lifetime even with the toughest chewing and hanging and is suitable for the interaction between pets and their owners.


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Size: 18-20cm/7.09-7.87 "
Material: Corn husk