Low-noise Trimmer for Paws - The Pet Delights
Low-noise Trimmer for Paws - The Pet Delights
Low-noise Trimmer for Paws - The Pet Delights
Low-noise Trimmer for Paws - The Pet Delights
The Pet Delights

Low-noise Trimmer for Paws

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Your pets deserve the best! That's why we have this Low-noise Trimmer for Paws that has specially designed blades and rounded tips that make this trimmer safe for use around paws and sensitive ears. Perfect for trimming the hair around a pet’s paws, this cordless trimmer is battery rechargeable operated meaning you can groom your fur baby any time of the day. It also includes a blade guard which ensures safety when storing it away. So with our Low-noise Trimmer for Paws, you can now safely trim your pet's hair around their paws anytime anywhere!


  • The Low Noise Trimmer for Paws is a cordless, rechargeable, and lightweight pet clipper with adjustable blade length and low noise for convenience. It's a great affordable, high-quality replacement for your noisy, bulky, high-maintenance trimmer.
  • It also has an ergonomic design with curved handles so you can groom your pet comfortably. You'll have no worries about cutting their hair too short or accidentally nicking their skin with this low-noise clipper!
  • It has a convenient USB charging port so you can bring it and charge it wherever you go. It can be powered up via PC, car charger, USB plug, and a powerbank.


Voltage: 220-240V
Output: DC5V/1000mA
Charging Time: 4 hours
Running Time: 1 hour
Maximum Speed: 6500r/min
Power: 5W


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Hadley Streich

Nice tidy trimmer prodovtsu for fast delivery and good package without damaging it

Payton Auer

The order came in a week

Trevion VonRueden

Very cool machine. Two speed modes. Quickly, clearly cut the paws of a dwarf poodle. the flashlight shines enough. You can safely take it!

Zander Trantow

The device is cool and quality. Delivery is fast. In the set also the scissors go. It works quite quietly. However, the fact is that my dog every time tries to give me from the foot to the attack on his heel. I don't know how to adjust. We stayed with uncut heels. But I did not get any backup. Hope all goes well

Franz Kassulke

I got it quickly, but I can not understand the strignt or not, the puppy could not cut the paw for 2 months, I'll try again then add